Kasargod: another beauty of Kerala

Kasargod is the northernmost district of Kerala and is renowned all over the world for many interesting and unique things. Although it is popular for its temples, forts, rivers, hills and the beaches but the things that enable it to make its mark in the world are the coir and handloom industries. For the natives of Kasargod fishing happens to be the main source of income. Without any doubt on visiting Kasargod it is certain that you will fall in love with the architecture of the various forts and temples.
kasargod Kerala
Kasargod is well connected with other major parts of Kerala by rail, road and air. The nearest airport happens to be at a distance of 50 kilometres and it is Mangalore Airport. Besides that, Kasargod lies on the Kozhikode (Calicut) – Mangalore- Mumbai rail route. There are a number of places in Kasargod that would capture the attention of the travellers and beauty lovers. The first and foremost of all those places would most definitely be Bekal fort. This 300 year old fort is at a distance of 16 kilometres from Kasargod and is one of the largest and best preserved forts in Kerala. The fort stands on a 35 acre promontory that runs into the Arabian Sea and is 130 feet above the sea level. At a distance of 15 kilometres from the famous Bekal fort one could witness and get a chance to feel the heavenly serenity on visiting Anandasram. This internationally renowned spiritual centre was found by Swami Ramdas in 1939 and is most suitable for meditation and spiritual studies.

Apart from this Valiyaparamba is very famous ad loved backwater resort. It is almost always peppered with tourists and travellers. Now no description of Kasargod is complete without the discussion of Ananthapura lake temple. This lake temple was built in the 9th century and was the place of residence of Moolasthanam of Anandapadmanabha. Thus, no expedition of Kerala is complete without making sure that this city of God has been fully explored.


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