Wayanad: an enchanting and alluring tourist destination of Kerala

In the present times staying immaculate as in the past is something that borders on the lines of impossibility however Wayanad has done so defying what is apparently inevitable. Wayanad is known for its beautiful hill stations and the spice plantations. The forests and the rich cultural traditions of this place are also spell bounding. However the most outstanding and notable feature of this place is that in the hills of this land some of the oldest tribes reside and to this date they are untouched by civilization. The net area of this place is 2132 sq. km, and the total population according to the census is 671,195 which are rather low if compared to the other districts of Kerala.

The authorities have made sure of the easy accessibility of this place by rail and road as it is well connected to the some of the major places like Calicut(Kozhikode), Kannur and Ooty. The nearest major railway station is Calicut (Kozhikode). However, reaching this place by airways might prove to be an ordeal as there are no airports in Wayanad.

Photo: Kurva Island, Wayanad
wayanad kuruva island
There are many places in Wayanad to visit, that are bound to astound the excursionists. The most popular of these are Sulthan bathery, Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, babblers and Thirunelly temple. The Edakkal caves which are at a distance of 12 km from Sulthan bathery are places of high prominence. The pictorial writings from the Stone Age on the walls of these caves are evidences of the civilisation that existed in prehistoric times. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which was established in 1973is popular for its rich biodiversity. The sanctuary was constituted to preserve the biological heritage of this place. Babblers is an uninhabited island and is therefore an ideal picnic spot. Over here reside some of the rarest of rare birds and orchids. You must visit Thirunelly temple which is an excellent example of the outstanding architecture of this place.

Thus Wayanad is without a thread of doubt the ultimate picnic spot and the go to place for holidaying.

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