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Kollam is arguably the most popular district of Kerala not only in terms of trade and business but also because of its history. Kollam, which is located at a distance of 71 kilometres to the north of Thiruvanathapuram, is the centre of the country’s cashew trading and processing industry. Kollam also happens to be the oldest port of Malabar Coast and was once very popular in the the international spice trade business.
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Reaching Kollam via roadways and railways is rather easy; however the same could not be said for air. Kollam is an important railway station of southern railway and has an incredible road network connecting it to other major parts of Kerala. The nearest airport to Kollam, however, happens to be Thiruvanathapuram. The prime places one should make sure to visit are Thirumullavaram beach, Thanasseri and Mayyand. In Kollam, one could get a chance to feel the diametrically opposite, while there is the Thirumullavaram beach which lies at a distance of 6 kilometres in the north of Kollam and is a popular picnic spot there are also the temples and shrines of Mayyand.

Mayyand which is at a distance of 10 kilometres to the south of Kollam has a total of nine temples. Of these the most famous and popular temple because of many religious and mythological reasons happens to be the Subramanya temple at Umayanallor. Thangasseri has many Old Portuguese forts and churches of the 18th century. This is a historical seaside village. Kollam is also thought of as the entrance point of the mesmerising backwaters of Kerala and is blessed with the renowned Asthamudi Lake. The traditional ornate and architectural style of temples of Kerala is etched in the minds of the people who come to visit this place. Thus Kollam apart from being a major tourist destination also happens to be a key component in trade and business section of the world


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