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Make a religious trip to the land of temples: Omkareshwar

Omkareshwar is a very prominent and sanctified island in Madhya Pradesh on the holy river Narmada. The position of Omkareshwar is also quite unique as it is placed at the conjunction of two very important rivers, namely Narmada and Kaveri. This island derives its name from its shape which, with the division of north from south by a gully, resembles the shape of the holiest of all Hindu symbols, ‘Om’. Among all holy places of India Omkareshwar holds high place precisely because one of the twelve Jyotirlingam is present over here.
omkareshwar temple
Omkareshwar is easily accessible by different means of transportation like the airways, the railways and the roadways. Omkareshwar has an excellent road network that links it to many major cities of Madhya Pradesh like Indore, Khandwa and Ujjain. While there are no airports in Omkareshwar, there is a major airport in Indore which is only 77 kms away. Omkareshwar-road in Ratlam-Khanwda route is an important railway station and through it one can get trains for some major cities.
Omkareshwar Madhya Pradesh
There are many popular tourist attractions here in Omkareshwar that pulls in a massive influx of visitors and travellers. The Shri Omkar Mandhata, which is a temple on the island formed by the river Narmada, is quite popular for the detailed and intricate carvings made into the soft stone. In addition to these many other awe inspiring things could be seen over here like the frieze figures, the stone roof having complex carvings and the veranda having columns in different kinds of shapes. Another very popular temple is the Siddhnath temple, which is an emblem of Brahminic architecture of the early medieval era. There is a stone slab placed at the outer perimeter and is carved with a frieze of elephants. This stone slab is the most famous and striking feature of the Siddhnath temple. There is very popular grouping of Hindu and Jain temples with different and intriguing architectural works called 24 Avtars. In addition to these other popular tourist attractions are Satmatrika temples and Kajal Rani Cave. The Satmatrika temples, which are situated at a distance of 6 km from Omkareshwar is a group of temples dating back to 10th century. The Kajal Rani Cave offers a panoramic view and is an ideal spot to enjoy the natural beauty.

Thus any traveller who wishes to explore the temples of Madhya Pradesh must plan an excursion to Omkareshwar.

Feel the cultural beauty and heritage of ancient India at Maheshwar

Maheshwar, which was once referred to as the Mahishmati in the ancient period, is located on the banks of Narmada River. The ancient city of Maheshwar or Mahishmati was once the capital of kingdom of great king Kartivarjun. This great city finds has been referred to on several occasions in the epic mythological literary creations, Mahabharata and Ramayana. Maheshwar owes its renovated beauty and glory to Rani Ahilyabai, the great Holkar queen. Cotton and handloom saris with blend of silk are some of the things that have made the city even more renowned nowadays.
ahilya fort maheshwar
There are several routes and means of transport that could be followed if one wishes to reach Maheshwar. Indore is the biggest city that is in close proximity to Maheshwar. Thus to reach Maheshwar one can take a flight to Indore, which is linked to all the major cities of the country. In addition to this Indore is an important part of the country’s railways. The roadways are also pretty good connecting Maheshwar to Indore and then Indore to Bhopal and Ujjain. Having reached Indore one can very easily reach Maheshwar through taxis or buses because Indore is at miniscule distance of about 97 kms.
mahakaleshwar temple
Even though reaching Maheshwar can be a bit tiresome since it is not a direct journey but once you reach Maheshwar a tour to its famous attractions will definitely make this journey worthwhile. There are many popular tourist attractions in Maheshwar. One of the most popular sites in Maheshwar is The Fort, which is a very important ancient monument. This palace has been converted into a museum that showcases royal belongings and artefacts. There are many popular temples in Maheshwar like Rajarajeswara, Vithaleswara and the Kaleshwara temple. Navdatoli, an archaeological site found in 1950, must definitely be visited as it showcases many interesting pieces of pottery and microliths. In addition to these the tourists also enjoy the beauty of the serene Narmada banks, the beautiful Maheshwar temple and Rajagaddi and Rajawada, which showcases historical items and belongings of the Holkar dynasty in addition to beautiful statue of Rani Ahilyabai.

One should definitely visit Maheshwar if one wishes to get a feel of the rich cultural heritage of India.

Explore the amazing wildlife adventure of Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Located in the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha is a particularly famous for the Kanha National Park. In the year of 1930, two wildlife sanctuaries called Hallo and Bandar were created by division of Kanha, the respective areas of Hallo and Bandar were 205 sq. kames and 300 sq. Kms. The Kanha National Park was formed on 1st June in the year of 1955. The Kanha national park, which is the biggest national park of central India, is spread over an area of 940 sq. kms and has a surrounding zone or a buffer zone of 1067 sq. kms. Kanha national park along with the neighbouring Phen sanctuary forms the Kanha Tiger reserve. The most prominent animals of Kanha National Park are Royal Bengal Tiger, the Sloth bear, Indian Wild Dog, leopards, Barasingha. The grassy meadows, the ravines and the Sal and Bamboo forests add to the natural beauty of the park.

kanha national park pic

Kanha is a major destination for all kinds of tourist but it usually thronged by large numbers of Wildlife numbers. The national park along with the River Saran makes an image of a horseshoe. Kanha is well connected to different cities like Khajuraho, Nagpur and Raipur by roadways and railways. However there are no airports in Kanha and the nearest major airport is in Nagpur. There are many popular tourist destinations in Kanha like the Kanha national Park and the Kanha Museum. The Kanha National Park along with its wide range of animals, exotic birds and plants is also famous for the elephant safari. The Kanha museum, which is situated in the Kanha national Park itself, delineates the functionality and various elements of the park. The museum presents a detailed analysis of the tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh.

Thus, Kanha National park is a must visit place for Wildlife lover and has a lot to offer with its wide range of flora and fauna.

The Intriguing Historical Town: Chanderi

Chanderi, a small yet a widely esteemed town of Madhya Pradesh, has had an eventful past since 11th century. Many important movements and processions were carried out over here and this has underscored the name Chanderi in history of India. Chanderi was considered an important part of the trade route of India for two main reasons. The first reason being it was in close proximity with some of the ancient ports like Malwa, Mewar and Gujarat. The second reason was that it shared the borders with the important cities of Malwa and Bundelkhand. These both factors also led to making Chanderi a hub of military activities.
Badal Mahal gate Chanderi
The direct connectivity with airways and railways is absent in Chanderi as the nearest airport and railway station happens to be Gwalior. However the road network is good enough to connect it with some of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh. Every tourists and travellers come to this city in great numbers. There are many popular tourist attractions in Chanderi with each and every one of them having their own respective advantages.
Chanderi fort
One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Fort built during the reigns of the mughals. It has a very famous gateway called “Khooni Darwaza”. Another very popular destination among the travellers is the Koshal Mahal which according to the historians was built in 1445 AD by Mahmun Khilji of Malwa. Its architecture resembles that of Mandu. The Jama Masjid in Chanderi was the biggest mosque when it was built and it has huge domes and arcade. The village Thruvanji is a very popular village because of the many Jain temples present over here. Apart from these many other architectural wonders could be seen in Chanderi. Some of these are the beautiful Shahzadi ka Rouza built in honour of an unknown princess and famous for the geometrical designs, the Parmeshwar tank built by Bundela Rajput Kings, Buddhi Chanderi which is the old Chanderi city and an important hub for the Jain pilgrims.

Thus Chanderi is nothing short of heaven for any student of history or archaeology and is also a highly popular destination for the tourists.


Explore the city of temples and beautiful marble rocks: Bhedaghat

Bhedaghat is a small town situated in the Jabalpur district on the banks of the Narmada River. The intricate arrangements of rocks renders infinite beauty to this place and is capable of attracting huge flocks of Indian and foreign tourists each year. Bhedagahat is definitely a place where people visit to enjoy the haven of beauty and serenity that this place offers. Bhedaghat is easily accessible by roadways, railways and airways. The nearest railway station to Bhedaghat is the Jaipur railway station and Jabalpur is closest airport. There are many buses running from Bhedaghat to different major cities of Madhya Pradesh. There are many popular tourist attractions in Bhedaghat like the humungous Marble rocks, the Dhuandhar galls, the Chausath Yogini temple, the Soapstone artefacts and the list goes on.
Bhedaghat water falls

The Chaunsat Yogini temple, built in the 10th century, is famous for its beautiful architecture and the panoramic view of the marble rocks and the Dhuandhar falls that one gets from here. This temple is built on a small natural hill and has been built in the veneration to the Goddess Durga. The walls of Chaunsat Yogini temple are designed and carved cleverly with figurines of Goddess Durga. Legend has it that the temple has a secret path to the palace of The Gond Queen Durgavati. The Dhuandhar falls are also very popular among the tourists. Quite paradoxically, despite being rough and loud the fall is quite calm and breathtaking. Dhuandhar falls otherwise known as the smoke cascade is formed when the the Narmada river passes through the intricate marble rocks and ends as the spectacular Dhuandhar waterfall.
chausath yogini temple

However the most popular feature of Bhedaghat remains the magnificent marble rocks. The marble placed on both sides of Narmada River are about 30 metres high. The beautiful volcanic ridges in the colours of green and black on the side of Narmada River are nothing short f spectacular. Only upon visiting this small yet beautiful town could one get to feel and enjoy the splendid beauty of this place. This is why no tour of Madhya Pradesh is complete without exploring this godly place.

Explore the amazing architecture and other heritage sites of the “City of Joy” – Mandu

Mandu, which is otherwise known as the “City of Joy”, is situated in the western part of Madhya Pradesh in the Dhar district. This legendary city, although currently ruined, is a place of high historical significance. It was built in the 10th century by Raja Bhoja and was the capital of Malwa in the past. Many different people have ruled this place and the effects of this could be seen in the culture and the architecture present over here. After being built by Raja Bhoja, the Muslim rulers of Delhi started ruling this place. After that the Afghan governors of Gujarat started ruling this place only to lose it once again to the Mughals. Many historians believe that during the reign of the Afghan rulers, Mandu rose to greatest heights of prosperity. During their reign not only was Mandu made an independent kingdom, it was made the capital of Malwa too. The constructions that were carried out during this time mainly included temples, palaces, forts, and Ghats. Many archaeologists believe that the constructive work done during this time could be the greatest examples of fine Afghan architecture.

Mandu is also a very popular destination among the travellers. Huge flocks of travellers could be seen visiting this place in order to get mesmerised by the beauty of this place. There are many popular attractions within the walls of the fort of Mandu like palaces, temples and mosques dating back to 1405. Jama Masjid however remains the most popular mosque and is sometimes also referred to as the great mosque. This mosque is the greatest manifestation of the Pashtun architecture. Other popular places are the Hindola Mahal, the time of great Afghan ruler Hoshang Shah, The Baz bahadur Palace. The Hindola Mahal, built by Hoshang Shah in the 1425 AD, is famous for its huge sloping side walls. The tomb of Hoshang Shah is also very popular among the travellers and is very significant historically. It is one of the first marble structures and is an emblem of the Afghan architecture. Very few people know that the Taj Mahal was built on the basis of construction done in this structure.
Jain temple Mandu

Thus for anybody who wants to get lost in the sea of history and beauty, Mandu is the ideal place to go.

Baihar: Small Yet Prominent

Baihar is a very important place for the lovers and students of archaeology. It’s proximity to the popular Kanha National Park enhances its beauty even more. it is basically a very important part of the Balaghat district with somewhat low population of around 15,400 The most common and thus the official and most popular language of this place is Hindi.
shiv mandir baihar

On visiting this place one gets the chance to be enchanted by the beauty of impressive and beautifully constructed temples. The most striking factor of these temples is the corrugated spires of the temples. The corrugated spires or otherwise known as the shikharas of the temple have very beautiful series of folds making them look like waves. Just a glimpse of these beautiful structures gives one an idea of the level architectural intelligence of the people who put in their work.

The modern Baihar though still at the fledging stage of development on all fronts, has good amount of educational institutes for the natives. Baihar being a small town is pretty difficult to access. The major cities in close proximity to this place are Jabalpur at a distance of 169 km and Bilaspur at a distance of 301 km and Nagpur which is at a distance of 330 km. The nearest major railway station to Baihar is Jabalpur which is at a distance of 169 km. However the bus routes of Baihar are highly developed. There are private buses running from all the major cities like Khajuraho, Allahabad, Mandla and Varanasi.

There are some places in Baihar that are of a particular interest to the travellers. Mukki is basically a gate of the famous tiger reserve that is “Kanha National Park”. Another such place is Siharpaat which is basically a hill that is surrounded by greenry on all sides and thus gives a beautiful view. The hill has a famous temple of Lord Rama and is the destination of a very popular Mela organized on Ramnavami. Other popular places are Kisli, Soopkhar and Judwa mandir. Thus though Baihar is not a very big places, it still is blessed with many beautiful temples and a prominent natural beauty.

Amarkantak: The Unexplored Beauty

Amarkantak, otherwise known as “Teerthraj”, is a very sacred place for the religious devotees. Its distinguished location at the junction of Vindhyas and Satpuras with the Maikal Mountains acting as the cover increases its beauty astronomically. The location of Amarkantak is important also because the rivers Narmada and Sone originate from this place. The beauty of the impenetrable forests of Amarkantak with trees like Teak and Mahua leave an indelible mark on the minds of tourists.
god Shiva Amarkantak

Amarkantak has a rather low native population of around 7,074. and is located in the district of Anuppur.

Amarkantak is a place of historical significance too. Some of the great literary works of Indian mythology like Puranas, Ramayan, Mahabharata, and Vashishtha Smahita have mentions of this place. There are many religious myths associated with this place. According to one belief it is said that a person loosing life in Amarkantak goes to heaven. Another such belief states that this is the place where all the three worlds of Indian mythology meditate.
DudhDhara Amarkantak

There are many popular tourist destinations in Amarkantak. One very popular tourist destination is Dhuni Pani. There are many religious beliefs attached with this place thereby making this place a very important destination for tourists and the religious pilgrims. Dhuni Pani is basically a natural hot water spring. In addition to this other prominent places are Dudhdhara and Narmada Udgam. Dudhdhara is a waterfall thereby making it a very popular picnic destination. Narmada Udgam is a very popular place because of the religious significance of this place and also because of the mythical stories connected with this place. One very popular mythical story is that Narmada flows from Heaven and this with the permission of the great god Shiva.

There are many popular monuments in Madhya Pradesh like Chanderi Fort, Hindola Mahal Mandu, Ram Ghat Ujjain and Taveli Mahal Mandu. Each of these places has their own significance. There are many popular and important temples in Amarkantak like Shri Sarvodaya Digamber Jain Temple, and Shri Jwaleshwar Mahadev temple. One could reach Amarkantak by railways, roadways and airways making it easily accessible to some extent. The nearest airport is the Jabalpur airport and the closes railway stations are Anuppur and Pendra road. One might say that as a tourist destinations Amarkantak remains highly unexplored thereby making it all the more important for the travellers to realize the importance of this places so that they may explore it.

Pench (Pench National Park): A delight to wildlife lover

Madhya Pradesh Tourism is much popular not only in India but across the globe and Pench is one of those destination which offers amazing wildlife tourism to travelers. The name of the place is derived from the name of Pench River which flows through the National Park which is located in Chhindwara and Seoni districts of Madhya Pradesh and some part (10%) in Maharashtra.
pench tiger reserve

This famous tiger reserve is spread over an area of 758 sq. kilometers, and inhabits a rich flora and fauna. The National Park has various species of animals where wild gaurs, dears and monkeys are easily seen. But people come to explore this park majorly in search of lions and tigers which are quite difficult to watch as they rarely come at the outer part of the forest where safari trails. The core area of 299 sq. kilometers is of Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park and Mowgli Pench Sanctuary and remaining 464 sq km of Pench national park is the buffer area.
pench national park

It was the same National Park which inspired Rudyard Kipling’s for his most famous work – The Jungle Book. He also took the main character’s name – Mowgli from the Mowgli Pench Sanctuary. This national park has a glorious history and thus is very famous across the globe among tourists. The high habitat heterogeneity favors high population of Chital and Sambar and there are over 1200 species of plants recorded which also includes some endangered plants.

If you are wild life lover and love to seek adventure then this can be great destination to spend few days.


Ujjain: The Sacred City of Hindus

Ujjain or Ujjayini is an important part of “Sapta Puri” which refers to the sacred cities of Hindus. There are seven sacred cities as per Hindu mythology and Ujjain happens to be one of them. Ujjain with an area of around 152 sq km. and a population of 515,215 is located on the banks of the river Kshipra, which has religious significance of its own. A tour of Madhya Pradesh cannot be complete without exploring Ujjain. Ujjain is one of the four holy places where Kumbh mela is organized every four years. The Kumbh mela or otherwise known as Simhastha mela attracts a huge amount of pilgrims from all over the country and thus this also happens to be one of the biggest religious fairs of the world.
ujjain mahakal temple

Ujjain is also a place of historical and literary significance. One could find many references to Ujjayini in the literary epic Mahabharata. In this epic poem Ujjain or Ujjayini, which is the name used to refer to Ujjain, was the capital of a very important kingdom called Avanti. This is the place where one part of Skanda Purana was composed. In this holy book Ujjain is said to be at the centre of the earth. Apart from these the importance of Ujjain is increased even more by the beautiful monuments and Holy places one could visit over here. The most popular holy places are Mangalnaath Observatory otherwise or Veda Shala, Avanti Parshwanath, Sandipani Ashram, Kaal Bhairab, Mahakal Temple, Gadh Kalika, Chintaman Ganesh, Tapobhoomi, ISKCON temple, Hanumant baag and the list goes on and one. Each of these places has their own significance like Vedh Shala happens to be the first Indian observatory. Ujjain is also referred to as the Greenwich of India. This is because the first meridian in longitude goes through this place. This observatory was constructed by the great rules Savai Raja Jaysingh from 1725 to 1730
iskon temple ujjain

Thus the places like Vikram Kirti Mandir, Kalidas Academy, Ved Shala and the events like Kumbh Mela clearly makes Ujjain a go-to place for anybody who is seeking adventure, knowledge and fun at the same time and it definitely brings everybody close to the religious side of the country and Madhya Pradesh.