Explore the amazing architecture and other heritage sites of the “City of Joy” – Mandu

Mandu, which is otherwise known as the “City of Joy”, is situated in the western part of Madhya Pradesh in the Dhar district. This legendary city, although currently ruined, is a place of high historical significance. It was built in the 10th century by Raja Bhoja and was the capital of Malwa in the past. Many different people have ruled this place and the effects of this could be seen in the culture and the architecture present over here. After being built by Raja Bhoja, the Muslim rulers of Delhi started ruling this place. After that the Afghan governors of Gujarat started ruling this place only to lose it once again to the Mughals. Many historians believe that during the reign of the Afghan rulers, Mandu rose to greatest heights of prosperity. During their reign not only was Mandu made an independent kingdom, it was made the capital of Malwa too. The constructions that were carried out during this time mainly included temples, palaces, forts, and Ghats. Many archaeologists believe that the constructive work done during this time could be the greatest examples of fine Afghan architecture.

Mandu is also a very popular destination among the travellers. Huge flocks of travellers could be seen visiting this place in order to get mesmerised by the beauty of this place. There are many popular attractions within the walls of the fort of Mandu like palaces, temples and mosques dating back to 1405. Jama Masjid however remains the most popular mosque and is sometimes also referred to as the great mosque. This mosque is the greatest manifestation of the Pashtun architecture. Other popular places are the Hindola Mahal, the time of great Afghan ruler Hoshang Shah, The Baz bahadur Palace. The Hindola Mahal, built by Hoshang Shah in the 1425 AD, is famous for its huge sloping side walls. The tomb of Hoshang Shah is also very popular among the travellers and is very significant historically. It is one of the first marble structures and is an emblem of the Afghan architecture. Very few people know that the Taj Mahal was built on the basis of construction done in this structure.
Jain temple Mandu

Thus for anybody who wants to get lost in the sea of history and beauty, Mandu is the ideal place to go.

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