Baihar: Small Yet Prominent

Baihar is a very important place for the lovers and students of archaeology. It’s proximity to the popular Kanha National Park enhances its beauty even more. it is basically a very important part of the Balaghat district with somewhat low population of around 15,400 The most common and thus the official and most popular language of this place is Hindi.
shiv mandir baihar

On visiting this place one gets the chance to be enchanted by the beauty of impressive and beautifully constructed temples. The most striking factor of these temples is the corrugated spires of the temples. The corrugated spires or otherwise known as the shikharas of the temple have very beautiful series of folds making them look like waves. Just a glimpse of these beautiful structures gives one an idea of the level architectural intelligence of the people who put in their work.

The modern Baihar though still at the fledging stage of development on all fronts, has good amount of educational institutes for the natives. Baihar being a small town is pretty difficult to access. The major cities in close proximity to this place are Jabalpur at a distance of 169 km and Bilaspur at a distance of 301 km and Nagpur which is at a distance of 330 km. The nearest major railway station to Baihar is Jabalpur which is at a distance of 169 km. However the bus routes of Baihar are highly developed. There are private buses running from all the major cities like Khajuraho, Allahabad, Mandla and Varanasi.

There are some places in Baihar that are of a particular interest to the travellers. Mukki is basically a gate of the famous tiger reserve that is “Kanha National Park”. Another such place is Siharpaat which is basically a hill that is surrounded by greenry on all sides and thus gives a beautiful view. The hill has a famous temple of Lord Rama and is the destination of a very popular Mela organized on Ramnavami. Other popular places are Kisli, Soopkhar and Judwa mandir. Thus though Baihar is not a very big places, it still is blessed with many beautiful temples and a prominent natural beauty.

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