Amarkantak: The Unexplored Beauty

Amarkantak, otherwise known as “Teerthraj”, is a very sacred place for the religious devotees. Its distinguished location at the junction of Vindhyas and Satpuras with the Maikal Mountains acting as the cover increases its beauty astronomically. The location of Amarkantak is important also because the rivers Narmada and Sone originate from this place. The beauty of the impenetrable forests of Amarkantak with trees like Teak and Mahua leave an indelible mark on the minds of tourists.
god Shiva Amarkantak

Amarkantak has a rather low native population of around 7,074. and is located in the district of Anuppur.

Amarkantak is a place of historical significance too. Some of the great literary works of Indian mythology like Puranas, Ramayan, Mahabharata, and Vashishtha Smahita have mentions of this place. There are many religious myths associated with this place. According to one belief it is said that a person loosing life in Amarkantak goes to heaven. Another such belief states that this is the place where all the three worlds of Indian mythology meditate.
DudhDhara Amarkantak

There are many popular tourist destinations in Amarkantak. One very popular tourist destination is Dhuni Pani. There are many religious beliefs attached with this place thereby making this place a very important destination for tourists and the religious pilgrims. Dhuni Pani is basically a natural hot water spring. In addition to this other prominent places are Dudhdhara and Narmada Udgam. Dudhdhara is a waterfall thereby making it a very popular picnic destination. Narmada Udgam is a very popular place because of the religious significance of this place and also because of the mythical stories connected with this place. One very popular mythical story is that Narmada flows from Heaven and this with the permission of the great god Shiva.

There are many popular monuments in Madhya Pradesh like Chanderi Fort, Hindola Mahal Mandu, Ram Ghat Ujjain and Taveli Mahal Mandu. Each of these places has their own significance. There are many popular and important temples in Amarkantak like Shri Sarvodaya Digamber Jain Temple, and Shri Jwaleshwar Mahadev temple. One could reach Amarkantak by railways, roadways and airways making it easily accessible to some extent. The nearest airport is the Jabalpur airport and the closes railway stations are Anuppur and Pendra road. One might say that as a tourist destinations Amarkantak remains highly unexplored thereby making it all the more important for the travellers to realize the importance of this places so that they may explore it.

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