Kannur- A famous city of God’s own country

On visiting Kannur you might feel in your heart of hearts that city is truly bestowed with beauty by gods themselves. In the east the state is surrounded by Western Ghats and Kozhikode and Wayanad districts cover the south, Lakshadweep Sea in the west and Kasaragod in the north. Kannur, a district which has received a lot of accolades from the tourists has been a key contributor to the cultural, religious, political and industrial heritage of the state. Kannur is also the originating point of all the folk art and music of Kerala thereby increasing its significance all the more.

st angelo fort Kannur

Kannur has an excellent railway and roadway connectivity to other parts of the state. Infact Kannur is an important part of southern railway and has important road links to all major towns of south India. However going to Kannur through air would at best be a dubious suggestion because the nearest airport, Kozhikode, is at a distance of 93 Kilometres.

The prominent yet a long list of suitable places to visit in Kerala definitely consolidate the image of Kannur among the travellers. Some of the most important places are Meenkunnu beach, Parassinikadavu and St. Angelo Fort. Meenkunnu beach is a favourite among the tourists because of the serenity it has to offer and it gives off the vibes of heaven predominantly because of the golden sand and surf. St. Angelo Fort was built by the first Portuguese viceroy with the consent of the ruling Kolathiri raja in 1505 AD. This fort, which is now under the Archaeological Survey of India, offers fascinating views of the Mappila Bay Fishing Harbour. Parassinikadavu, is at a distance of 16 kilometres from Kannur. Sri Muthappan temple stands on the bank of the Valapattanam River. Apart from these the Snake Park is also a very famous spot.

Thus although one could get the vicarious thrill out of reading about Kannur; the real fun is in actually visiting this state and especially Kannur.


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