Kinnaur – A famous tourist attraction of Himachal

The forbidden land of Kinnaur, which is placed at a very high level on the Himalayas, is open for a few selected groups of people only for six months. The select group of people who are allowed the access to this beautiful place include the general officials, the mountaineers who are looking for an adventurous and a dangerous trip and the Moravian missionaries, living here since 1853. For many centuries this place remained closed and out of reach of the general public especially because of the danger attached with this place. It is located at an altitude of 2670 m and the total area and population of this place is 6401 sq. kms and 78,334 respectively.
Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh
Kinnaur also has historical significance attached with this place as it lies on the prehistoric trade route that was heavily used between India and Tibet. It is surrounded by the majestic ranges of Himalayas and Dhauladhar. The angler’s please themselves by catching the trout fish that are found in the rivers of this place in abundance. The lush lands of Kinnaur are also the dwelling spot of Kinners who are the demi gods of the Pantheon. The deeds of the Hindu god Pantheon have been mentioned on several occasions in the ancient Sanskrit poems.

There are many popular tourist attractions in Kinnaur which include Recong Peo, Kalpa, Nichar, Sangla Valley, puh, Sumdo and the list in unending. Recong Peo is famous for the splendid view of the Kinner Kailash, which it offers. Sangla Valley, which gets its name from the Sangla village, is located on the banks of Baspa river. This valley is very popular for its natural beauty. One could enjoy the wildlife of Nichar wherein the most prominent animals are Ghoral, antelopes and bears, both black and red. Another place called Leo, which is located on the banks of Spiti river, is famous for the temple of Jamato.

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