Hamirpur- A renowned place for tourists coming to Himachal

The district of Hamirpur was made in the year of 9172 by carving it out from the Kangra district. It is covered with forests of Pine trees and because it is situated at somewhat low height it tends to be a bit warmer. The area and population of Hamirpur are 1118 sq. km and 4.12 lakh respectively. Commonly Hindi and Punjabi are spoken over here. Hamirpur is easily accessible by roadways and railways. There is an excellent road network connecting Hamirpur to some of the major cities like Shimla, Chandigarh and Pathankot. The major railways stations in close proximity to Hamirpur are Una and Ranital where in Una is a broad gauge railway station and Ranital is a small gauge railway station.
baba balak nath temple
Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Hamirpur are Nadau, Deosidh Temple and Sujanpur Tihra. Desoidh temple, which is located on the towns of Bilaspur and Hamirpur, is a cave temple built in veneration to Baba Balak Nath. Huge flocks of visitors could be seen visiting the cave temple in order to get Baba’s blessings especially during the Navratras. One could utilize the rope way to reach Shah-Talai. Nadaun is a famous camping site because of the beauty it offers. This place has historical significance attached with it as it was initially ruled by Kangra rulers. Sujanpur Tihra, which is situated at a distance of 22kms from Hamirpur town, was once the capital of the famous Katoch dynasty. At this place there is a huge ground where the national festival of Holi, which comes annually, is celebrated for 4 days unlike other places where it is celebrated for just one day. This place is also quite famous for religious purposes as here one could enjoy the beauty of many temples like Gauri Shankar, Murli Manorhar Temple and Narbadeshwar. Sujanpur Tihra is also famous for the many adventurous sports that are popular here like angling, rating, trekking and paragliding.

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