Explore the amazing scenic beauty of Alappuzha (Alleppey)

Undoubtedly there many places of interest for the tourists in Kerala but Alappuzha or otherwise known as Alleppey definitely stand out of the group. This is because of the very many features of this place and of the numerous places to visit. 1762 was the year of foundation of this city by the Divan of Travanacore. On visiting Alleppey you might get the idea that nature has made sure of the beauty of this place and you wouldn’t be wrong if you get this notion and a vast network of lakes, lagoons and fresh water rivers crisscrossing it are to be held responsible for this. The district is also very popular for its zoological and botanical beauty and is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the east. Alappuzha is not only easily accessible by air, rail and road but also by water. It is linked by boat service through the back waters to Cochin, Kumarakom and other places.

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The places of interest that could be visited are numerous, the most famous ones being Kuttanad, Champakulam church and Alappuzha beach. It is called the rice bowl of Kerala because the wealth of paddy crops of this place is at the very heart of backwaters. The crops of Banana, Cassava and Yam could be found in abundance at this place. Undoubtedly this is the only region in the world where farming is done 1.5 to 2 metre below sea level. Alleppey beach is one of the most popular picnic spots in Kerala and the pier extending well into the sea is about 137 years old. People visiting the place also visit Vijaya beach as it s quite famous spot of the place. Champakulam church is one of the oldest churches in Kerala and it is known to be established by St. Thomas.

The boat races, the houseboat holidays, beaches, marine products and the coir industry have undoubtedly made Alappuzha a very famous tourist point.

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