Varkala: An exotic place to explore in Kerala

Varkala is fast becoming the top spot holder in the list of favourite destinations held by tourists. Although love at first sight is a cliché but clichés are clichés because they are true and true love at first sight is what happens when one sets foot in Varkala for the first time. This is the place to be at if one wants to spend time by doing nothing but just sitting on the beach and holidaying.
varkala beach kerala
Varkala is a small town rested at a distance of 55 kilometres in the north of Thiruvanathapuram. The first thing one would notice about Varkala is its landscape and the towering cliffs on the beaches beside the sparkling waters. The shining white sands, the red soil of the hilltop, the yellow green paddy fields and the green coconut trees also do their share in mesmerising the tourists. However reaching the secluded parts of the beach might prove to be an ordeal for some because to witness these one might have to climb down the cliffs and scramble over rocks. Varkala is easily accessible by road as it is a 54 kilometres ride from Thiruvananthapuram and 37 kilometres ride form Kollam. However there is no direct accessibility by air or road and the nearest international airport is Trivandrum and the nearest rail route to Varkala is Alleppy and Quilon.

The most famous place to visit in Kerala is the Varkala beach or the Papanasam beach. The pictures of these beaches are capable enough of attracting the tourists. Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple is another very popular choice of many visitors as it is visited in huge numbers by Hindu pilgrims. This temple is built on a hill top and has become a moniker for the region. Another popular religious site is Sivagiri Mutt founded by the famous Sree Narayana Guru. Apart from this Anjengo fort and Varkala tunnel are also very popular choices of place to visit for the travellers. Anjengo fort was the main garrison of the Dutch East India Company and Varkala Tunnel is a long tunnel and is famously known as ‘Varkala Turuthu’, it was built in thirteen years between 1867 and 1880.

Visit the place to explore the beauty while your travel to Kerala.

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