Bhopal: City famous for industries, lakes and holy places, in India

Bhopal, also known as the city of lakes, is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. This mere fact makes it one of the most important cities of Madhya Pradesh. It has its origins in the 11th century when it was built by Raja Bhoj of the Parmara Dynasty. Over time Bhopal has developed to become one of the richest cities of India in terms of culture and history. An interesting piece of trivia attached with this place is that it was initially called Bhojapal. The location of Bhopal is rather interesting. It is situated in the north western part of Madhya Pradesh near the Malwa Plateau. Since it is in an elevated position along a sandstone ridge the temperatures are soaring during the summers in Bhopal. It is separated in two halves by the upper and lower lakes.
bhopal india

The population and area of Bhopal are rather high, with the population being 1,795,648 and the area being 697 sq. kms. Many ethnic religions have contributed to the rich cultural heritage of this place. There are many holy places in Bhopal that a traveller might be interested in exploring. Lakshmi Narayan Temple is one of the most popular of these holy places. The temple has beautiful lawns and gardens which add to the beauty of this place. There are many mosques too in Bhopal that might be of interest to the travellers. These temples and mosques have a very interesting architecture. Birla museum is a very important part of Bhopal. It tells the visitors about the rich cultural and historical heritage of Bhopal. Tools and stone sculptures from the 7th are century are loved by the visitors.

Apart from these one can enjoy the lakes and gardens of Bhopal. There are many boat clubs too which might captivate the attention of the visitors. Thus Bhopal is undoubtedly a place where one might visit to enjoy the haven of peace and serenity that this place offers.

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