NEEMRANA- A place to relish your holidays completely

Nestled beautifully in the Alwar district of the state Rajasthan overlooking Aravalli ranges, Neemrana is a destination of beauty and charm where one will be amazed to explore splendid historical monuments that fascinates the tourists. Moreover, it is famed for having beautiful lakes and valleys. Widely known as ‘Raath region’, this fascinating city enchants the visitors with having fine-looking lakes, huge hunting lodges, historical ancient sites and several varieties of wildlife sanctuaries that makes this city an engrossing travel destination while planning an escapade in Rajasthan. Geographically, Neemrana connects with a highway to Delhi which invites the tourists from every corner of the world. Considered as a weekend gateway to the holidaymakers, Neemrana is marked by a varied range of stunning attractions to discover. However, people want to make their holidays special by buying Rajasthan Holiday Packages.
neemrana fort

In terms of Rajasthan tourism, Neemrana is always been a mesmerizing travel destination in India. Neemrana Fort Palace is a key attraction of this city spreading over an area of 50-65 meters located on the dark Hornstone Breccia rocks. Constructed by the Yadavas, descendants of Lord Krishna, this palace reveals the charm of magnificent architecture. The imperial ambience of the city, this fort has beautifully crafted with marbles which are pretty exclusive. Other than it, this place dots a number of stunning historical buildings or monuments which demonstrates with the embellishments and decorations to take your breath away.

Once you have explored Neemrana Fort, you should see another must-see attraction of Neemrana named as Vinay Vilas Mahal, a historical eighteenth century palace of India. Founded by Raja Bakhatawar Singh, it reveals a beautiful amalgamation of the magnificent architecture wonders of the past Rajput and Mughal styles. Being the most visited place, it holds the charm with its beautiful craftsmanship on the numerous gates of the Mahal. Chand Pol is a sight to relish. Stepping forward to the other gates of this Mahal such as Chand Pol, Andheri Gate Jai Pol, Laxman Pol, Kishan Pol, and Suraj Pol makes your holiday great.

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