The Elephanta Caves- UNSESCO World Heritage Site

The Elephanta caves are present on island of Elephanta or Gharapuri, which is also called the ‘City of Caves’ and is located in close proximity to Bombay and in the sea of Oman. In these caves one could see the highest levels of Indian art. Over here there are altogether seven caves and the artwork consisting of the temples and images are mostly in veneration to the god of gods Lord Shiva. The island and thus the caves get its name from the humongous elephant built out of stone that was once found over here by the navigators of Portugal. This stone statue was cut into several pieces and later joined back again and installed at the Victoria Gardens Zoo in Mumbai.
elephanta caves
The date at which this caves were built up is a topic of debate among the cave specialists. It is one of the most fascinating and sought after rock art collection of India. The caves can basically be divided into two types. The first type is found in the eastern part called the Stupa Hill and contains two caves. These caves are of the Buddhist type and are particularly famous for the Buddhist monument found at the top. However there are five caves in the western directions dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and contains his sculptures in different forms and actions. Another very popular part of the cave is the Mandapa wherein each side measures about 27 m.
shiva trimurti elephanta caves
Rows of supports are used for dividing the interior of the caves into two halves. The awe-inspiring architecture of the cave is found to be immensely attractive among the visitors. There are beams in the caves that are falsely profiled and are intelligently carved in the roof of the cave. Upon entering the cave one could find large beautifully carved panes of master of Yoga or Shiva Yogisvara and King of Dance or Shiva Nataraja. These panels in the caves, which echo with Shivaism, have been said to be from the Gupta period. Just besides the entrance point, is placed a cylindrical lingam that is representative of the Supreme Being and source of all kinds of energy

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