Travel To Agra and Relish The Experience Of Its Palaces And Forts Especially The Agra Fort

India is considered to be an ideal tourist destination for the world. The first name which comes up when visiting India is the city of Agra. When you think of Agra, immediately the Taj Mahal comes to your mind. However, the Taj Mahal alone does not define the beauty and majestic past of the city of Agra. When you make your travel plans to Agra, you will be amazed to know that the city reveals its glorious past. This is because the city has many beautiful places to offer to the visitors other than the magic and excellence of the Taj. One such famous spot in Agra is the Agra Fort.
Agra Fort
While visiting the Agra Fort, you will be able to take genuine and good pictures of the Mughal customs, their many different types of life style and culture of the people of the 15th and 17th centuries by visiting the Agra Fort. Other than the Taj Mahal this is another tempting attraction to in see in Agra city. It is a master piece when it comes to its design and architecture of the medieval period in India. It was in 1565 A.D. that Akbar built it. Once there, you will be able to see many buildings inside the Agra Fort.

Red stone is what was used to build the Jahangir Place. The stone was brought from the nearby places of Rajasthan and also from central India. The entrance to a huge courtyard is through a huge gate. It has a big room where the queens once lived. You can watch and marvel at the beautiful stone carvings on the walls of the rooms which are all of Persian art designs and architecture. All of these are worth witnessing while you are on your Taj Mahal tours.

It acquired the status of a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1983.

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