Sun Temple – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sun Temple, which was built in 13th century in Konark, is a very famous monument that is very significant because of its structure that represents the chariot of sun god. The chariot is pulled by a group of six horses and has 24 wheels beautifully designed with symbols. It is situated on the banks of Bay of Bengal where each day it could be seen bathing in the sun rays. This is arguably the most famous of Brahman sanctuaries of India.

The sun temple is a very popular attraction not only among the religious pilgrims but also among the students and lovers of art and architecture. This temple is the best example of Kalingan temple architecture and beautifully showcases all its forms and features. There are a total of 24 wheels with beautiful carvings and a diameter of 3m. The wheels are located in the north and south sides along with motifs that are indicative of the periodic cycle of seasons and months. On the pedestal, between each of the wheels one could see reliefs of lions, dancer, musicians and erotic groups.

Sun Temple konark

The Sun Temple has one feature that is common in many of the temples wherein there are many spatial units that are well organized. The size, beauty and concept that have been employed in the temple are representative of the stability and the power of the Ganga Empire. The narrations that have been displayed through the sculptures offer an insight into the religious and social ambience of the period when it was built.

The sun temple is related to personification of the god. There are many myths and legends connected with the construction of the Sun Temple like the total time required to build this temple was 12 years and about 1200 artisans were brought in use. There is another very popular story of the utter devotion of the master builder, Bisu Moharana, in the construction of this temple. This temple was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in the year of 1984.

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