Story behind Diwali celebration in India

Diwali is considered as the biggest of all Hindu festivals and is a festival of lights. The well known story behind diwali celebration is in the Ramayana. According to this Hindu epic,king Dasharatha ordered his son Rama who was the prince of Ayodhya to spend his life for fourteen years in the forest. So he went on exile with wife Sita and his brother Lakshman.

When the demon king Ravana took away Sita to his kingdom of Lanka, Lord Rama fought against Ravana and killed him. After rescuing Sita he returned Ayodhya after a long period of fourteen years.The people of Ayodhya were happy and excited and wanted to celebrate the homecoming of their prince. So to welcome Lord Rama back to Ayodhya, they lit up their houses with earthen diyas and also burst crackers. This is the beginning of the tradition of Diwali.
Diwali in India

Another well known story behind Diwali festival is narrated in the Mahabharata. It reveals to us about the defeat of the Pandavas in the hands of kauravas in the game of dice. A rule was made for the pandavas to serve in exile for a period of thirteen years. When the period was over they returned to Hastinapura which was their birthplace on kartik Amavashya. So to welcome the pandavas back, the common people lighted their homes with earthen lamps. This tradition is held in remembrance of the homecoming of the Pandava brothers.

The festival starts with Dhanteras which is two days before Diwali. If you purchase gold or silver on this day,then you would be lucky throughout the year. This is because Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped on this day.Diwali, a festival of lights is considered as the beautiful and the joyful festival for the Hindus. It is celebrated on a mass by Indians all over the world as it is an important festival of Indians.

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