South India through one Lens, Ideal for Travellers

South India has always been a serene part of the country which is dotted with a number of calm and exotic beaches, opulent valleys, palatial wildlife sanctuaries, dense forests. These beautiful parts collectively accessorizes the South India and makes it perfect holiday destination for most of the tourists across the globe. Being the vast portion of country, it is further divided into four states namely Kartnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Each of the region is rich in its own culture, tradition, delicious cuisines, languages, festivals and above all in history too.
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There are so many places, architectural buildings, monuments are present which can easily win over hearts of people. Also in the concern of promoting South India as an important part of tourism, FOSI that is festival of south India conducted exhibitions and stalls aiming the same concern. They presented great side of region, giving sneak peek to their culturally rich motherland. If you have visited here for the first time or planning to visit then what you should expect here? Well, it is loaded with series of events like folk and classical music, vivid dance forms, arts, literature and much more.

If we talk about the cuisine then the general perception comes out to be is palatable traditional cuisine which is Idli, dosa, sambhar, vada but the truth is the food line extends beyond these dishes. You can also find some amazing tasty snacks, dried spices, chutneys. Southern part of India is also popular for its promising crafts and vibrant cotton, silk fabrics.

Your travel to South will become more colorful and excited if you go in festive season. There is good flight, train and bus connectivity to almost every city from other important cities. Connect yourself with festivals and feel the rich South Indian experience.

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