Satna: a city with a difference

Satna is a very important city of Madhya Pradesh. On a map of Madhya Pradesh one could see that it is located on the border of Madhya Pradesh. Satna is a big city with an area of about 7,502 sq. kms. and a population of 225,468.The name of this city is that is Satna can be related to the Satna or Sutna river that flows near this place. During the reign of the Britishers it used to be an important English station. From the careful and in-depth reading of some of the ancient books like Mahabharata it is seen that rulers of Chedi and Haihaya clan ruled this Satna.
tulsi museum satna

There are many popular dialects in this region albeit Hindi is the commonly spoken. Bagheli dialect which is product of Hindi is also spoken by many people in this area. Satna is a fast developing city and has good standards of education as there are many prestigious schools and colleges in this place. Satna has a good network of roadways, railways and airways connecting it with different parts of the state and country. Although Satna does have its own small airport, Jabalpur is the major airport nearest to Satna and it is at a distance of 220 kilometres by road. Satna Railway station is a very important railway station in Western Central route of the railway. All the major trains pass through Satna. The roadways and thus the bus services of Satna are also exceedingly good.

Satna has many important and historic places that are often frequented by the tourists. Some of the most important tourist spots are ‘Chitrakoot’ and ‘Maihar’. Many art lovers and students often visit the famous Tulsi museum which is at a distance of 16 km from Satna. This museum is blessed with many sculptures of which are artistic in nature. According to the experts these sculptures were created in the ancient times. The religious population always visits the Lord Shiva temple. Many tourists flock to the famous Pannilal Chowk. This is famous for the many restaurants and shops selling all kinds of things.

Thus Satna is definitely one of the many developing cities of Madhya Pradesh with a long history. Any traveller exploring Madhya Pradesh definitely needs to take a tour and explore the beauty of this prominent city.


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