Samode – Enchanted With Unlimited Beauty

Overtopping of the Aravalli Ranges, Samode is a small and vibrant village of Rajasthan but raptures your eyes begin to wander and every time the view only lures you at its first glimpse. The people of Samode are quite simple and traditional and their lifestyle describes the real essence of earlier India when it was recalled as “A golden Bird”.  Another special attraction of this place is summer festivals where millions of people are invited to have fun and enjoy the real experience of India. In short, Samode is full of colors and expressions to feel. Here, people smile to you as your friends and their hospitality is pretty unbelievable.
samode palace rajasthan

A stay in a Samode Palace reveals you a rural lifestyle of India which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. At the top of this fort, you can discover unseen treasure of desert land that lies in the alley ahead. Moreover, exclusive craft works- ornate windows and frescos of this monument takes your eyes off to it. Moreover, the outdoor of this fort catch a glimpse of the limitless flouncing desert. Formerly, this palace was used in the honour of Prime Minister of Jaipur in the heart of the city. At present, it has been renovated well so that it is used as a heritage hotel for the tourists. If you see inside it, you will be surprised with medieval architecture and exclusively fantastic walls reflecting the real talent of Kings. The antique work of this fort reveals colorful art and traditional artifacts along with unique marble construction on the floor of this magnificent palace.

So, Samode Trip takes you close to the unseen beauty of Rajasthan. Then, grab this deal and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

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