Group of Monuments at Pattadakal – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

On the banks of the Malaprabha district in the state of Karnataka lays Pattadakal, a prominent World Heritage site since1987. It is at a marginal distance of 22kms and10kms from the major cities of Badami and Aihole. The historically and archaeologically significant site of Bachinagudda is also in a close proximity to this place. Over time the village of Pattadakal has become a very popular tourist destination.
India Group of Monuments at Pattadakal
The art and architectural styles of Pattadakal can be considered to be highly eclectic. The monuments at this place primarily date back to the period of 7th and 8th century when this place was under the reign of the powerful Chalukya dynasty. The creations of this phase showcase an interesting amalgamation of the popular art architectural forms of north and south India. The lovers and students of art can give themselves a treat of nine Hindu temples and a highly popular Jain sanctuary. However there is one monument that stands out from the rest of the group and this is the Temple of Virupaksha. This temple was built by Queen Lokamahadevi in 740 AD to celebrate and mark the victory of her husband, King Vikramaditya II who had successfully subjugated the Pallava and many other sovereign kings of the south. This temple contains two inscriptions that prove that King Vikramaditya II was immensely impressed by the artistic abilities of the enemies he had conquered. These inscriptions show that an architect and a few sculptors were brought from the south after the war. This prominent temple is very popular for its architectural features.
Monuments at Pattadakal
There are three porches coming out of it, which is a very common feature seen in many Chalukyan works. These porches mix perfectly well with the three storied towers and their cornices. The overall theme of this temple is based on Lord Shiva. Over here one could also get to see the sculptures illustrating the story of Lord Rama from the popular literary work called Ramayana. Owing to it is majestic architectural works and historical significance this place was rightly declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in the year of 1987.

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