Explore the city of eternal beauty and natural serenity: Panna

Located in the Panna district in the north eastern part of Madhya Pradesh, Panna city, which makes the north part of Sagar division, is renowned all over the world because of its diamond mines. Initially till 13 century, Panna was dominated by Gond rulers. The famous ruler Raja Chhatrasal Bundela made Panna a very important capital. Before being merged into Madhya Pradesh, Panna was part of Vindhya Pradesh.
panna dhundua waterfall
Reaching Panna is fairly easy by all kinds of transport lines. If one wishes to visit Panna by airways then Khajuraho, which is at a distance of 45 kms, is the nearest airport to Panna. One can get flights from Khajuraho to some of the major cities like New Delhi and Bhopal. Satna is the major railway stations that is in close proximity to Panna and is located at only at a distance of 70 kms. Panna is well connected to some of the major cities by an excellent road network.
panna national park
There are many major and interesting places in Panna, which in India is the only diamond city in India. The grasslands along with trees, hills, rocks and forests create a panoramic view. There are many famous and prominent temples here in Panna along with a sanctuary housing several rare animals and birds. Over time Panna has change. The Tiger reserve in Panna was recently awarded the tiger reserve in Panna is the recipient of the esteemed award from the ministry of tourist , “the Award of Excellence The Best Maintained Tourist Friendly National Park of the Country”. One could enjoy a special diamond tour at the famous Panna diamond mines. There are many ancient temples that attract tourists in great number. The most prominent of these temples are Pran Nath Temple built in the year of 1795, Shri Baldeoji Temple and the Shri Padmavatipuri Dham. The Padmavatipuri Dham is linked with a very interesting mythical story. It is believed that the sage Mahamati Prannath reached Panna with his followers and then spread the message of soul enlightenment. During the eleven years that he stayed here, he helped the great king Chhatrasal on several occasions and gave him the tile of Maharaja. He later on took Samadhi here itself and thus this place started being referred to as the Muktipitha or Padmavatipuri Dham.

Thus each year a great influx of tourists could be seen visiting this Panna and this “City of Diamonds” always lives up to its expectation.

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