Bundi – Reflecting the Cultural Significance of the Place

Covering over a population of 104,457, Bundi is an amazing travel destination lying at an average elevation of 268 meters in the northern part of Rajasthan. Open to a particular architectural note, it is a home of forts, palaces, and step well reservoirs. It has vast transportation facility as it is about away 35 km from Kota and 210 km from Jaipur. In the ancient times, this city was inhabited by various local tribes.
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On the tourism prospective, Bundi has gained international as well as domestic popularity housing herds of tourist attractions. Let’s catch some of the major historical attractions of Bundi which makes your Rajasthan Holidays vibrant. The most impressive monument, Taragarh Fort, or ‘Star Fort’ is a lifeline of Rajasthan tours. Founded in AD 1354, it contains three tanks which never dry up. Globally renowned for its exclusive masterpieces and carved architecture works. The beautiful historical structure of Rajasthan, The Bundi Palace is situated on the hillside adjacent to the Taragarh Fort, presenting traditional Rajasthani and Mughal architecture to its visitors. Famed for its notable for its lavish traditional murals and frescoes, it houses finest attractions like museums, courtyards.

Next attraction to discover at Rajasthan tours is intricately carved Raniji ki Baori. It was built in 1699 by Rani Nathavatji made water nearby even when at a very low level. Additionally, another must-see sightseeing is Nawal Sagar, a large square-shaped artificial lake midst of the city enclosing many small islands. This lake is a gateway to the spirituals as it has a temple dedicated to Varuna, the vedic god of water. Furthermore, Bundi has a lot more to present. The Nagar Sagar twin step wells are quite famous internationally crafted in pristine masonry.

We are ensuring you to provide various Rajasthan tour packages which would help you to get a closer view of the royal essence of royal land. A tour of this trip would be incomplete without riding on elephants or camel safari.

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