14 Hurt 1 Child Dead in Florida Day Care Crash

WINTER PARK, Florida: On Wednesday, A car smashed into an Orlando-area day care, injuring 14 kids and killing one. Out of the injured, 12 of them were children. The driver of the SUV who initiated the chain reaction crash is still been searched of by the authorities as he left the scene after the incident took place.
Florida Day Care Crash
Having a recent talk with the spokeswoman of the hospital, Katie Dagenais said, No more information regarding the sex and age of the child who died is disclosed by the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, where the most-seriously injured were being treated. She further said that out of all five persons were in serious condition and one was in critical condition.

The spokesperson of the Orange County Fire Rescue, John Mulhall said, “In all, 13 people were hospitalized and two others were treated at the scene.”

The spokeswoman of Florida Highway Patrol, Wanda Diaz called it a, “very, very serious condition,”

Diaz said, “The Toyota Solara convertible had gone out of control after it was struck by a Dodge Durango, jumped a curb and smashed into the day care, breaking through the wall and into the building. That driver was not hurt. ”

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs said, “Please keep a lookout and let us know if you see anything”. He called the crash as “absolute tragedy and disaster.”

The Durango escaped the scene but couldn’t get success as was located approx. 2 hours later. As said by the Highway patrol, “it is looking for 26-year-old Robert Corchado. Troopers said he was the driver of the Durango, but wouldn’t say how they established that. Troopers said Corchado may be trying to leave the area.”

It was shown in the Local television footage that the infants and small children in cribs taken outside on the day care’s playground and a few other wounded were carried out on stretchers. As per the report of the highway patrol the incapacitated were taken to 5 different infirmaries.

The website of the day cares says that the centre delivers childcare and learning opportunities for kids ages 6 weeks to 12 years old and the same is in community for around past 25 years.

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