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01. This was a very good tour

by: Daniel Caratas from: Powai, Mumbai view pdf (original)
This was a very good tour.
Our driver sunil was very very good. Driving with care, taking us to all nice places and, in the same time, listening to all our requests and needs. Respectful always on time and with a very pleasant presence. Sunil made our tour very enjoyable.
Defientily a company to be further recommended in the future. Thank you. Well done. Keeu up the good work.

02. Rajasthan and Agra were magnificent

by: David gartner and eline darqvennes from: Rve francois Gay 13, 1150 ,Brussels ,Belgium view pdf (original)

Rajasthan and Agra were magnificent .Ashok is a very good driver always on time and driving safely and calmly through the traffic

No particular suggestion : The booking was straight forward ,the driver found an immediately at the airport and was very discrete during the whole tour

Thank you for helping us ddiscover this beautiful part of India ………………


03. Had a good experience

by: Jamie chin dek yee from: 25, jalan desa damia,taman desa ,58100 Kuala Lumpur ,Malasyian view pdf (original)

I had a good experience with my husband and friendon our first trip to India from the time I liased by email with Mr Vikas and to the pick up from our arrival at del airport everything went smooth Mr johny ,Our escort and transpoter for out agra journey was friendly and immediately made us feel welcomed upon our arrival .He answered most of our questions patiently and even though my friends ,who was a muslim and who don’t take chicken/egg can have a lot of problems with food .He went to great length to accommodate his wishes in many situations being in the travel industry myself ,we could understand the many different culters and way of life of the peoples have .We would like to thank you and mr johny for the service rendeved and will certainly use your service in future if there is an opportunity.our best wishes to you and your organization

Thank you


04. Very safe and relaxed

by: Kathryn Guggenheim from: 202 the terrace CBS Wellington cool Newzealand view pdf (original)

Superb very able driver Quite well informed able to answer question about general info to his level of knowledge .Plans very well .Felt very safe and relaxed .Good solid judgement was able to achieve my goals of walking along the roads in full view of the himilays .He chose the hotel well also so I could not have been more pleased thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to see the greatest mountains in the world with such a great respectful person as my driver .All car need pollution emission .car is some what noisy .The car was clean inside .Lali bought windows persom which was a great comfort .Aircondition was good .Little pillows would be aa good addition


05. Overall experience was very good

by: Leonard Amelia Pereira from: H-3 Kanan era cr cherrybrook,Nsw 2126 ,Australia view pdf (original)

Our overall experience was very good best of all was sonu our driver .He was very polite knowledgeable and courtcons we will definitely recommend him .Bhavya Holidays to our friends Pushpmahal hotel in Agra was good . Ashu palace in Delhi was very bad or amar viewpalace in Jaipur is not recommended .Thank you


06. Comfortable

by: Malcoln carr- west from: Cleve lands,Blackmove eud ,Bvaintvee,cm74dg,UK,British view pdf (original)

Comfortable clean car well driver .We have impressed by sunil’s careful driving .He gave us a lot of information both at designations and during journey .His suggestions for things to see were very helpful used,he was willing to adjust to our needs and wishes

One problem we had when choosing which type of car to use was that we did not know much about cars models .If some form of equivalent to European models was on web site it would be useful our thanks to sunil for a pleasant tour.


07. Very good delhi & agra tour

by: Covine Van Dei Begger from: 55 washigtan stv. Jeisey city nj 07302 ,USA view pdf (original)
Bijender met at the airport on time and drove us & to agra to see the taj mahal. He also should us many places in delhi . Bijender driver was very good &his knowleage of delhi & agra very good . we enjoyed being driver by him &the interesting places he pointed out to us . He is very friendly, curteaus and has a very neat car his driving is very good .The hotel we stayed in on Friday Ashu palace was not good we suggest you don’t send people there . the manager was unfriendly & unhelpful when we had a complant about the noice.

08. A great unforgetable journey

by: Cuccil Vlriue and Thomos Vilavora from: Getreideweg 20Q, p500 villacit view pdf (original)

Dear vikas
I am very happy to booked this tour on your company because it was really stresss, comfortable safe and serious .The service was very good.Sonu is only the best driver we ever seen .We felt the hole time really save and he cared about us very much.He is such a friendly ,kind calm and cool driver .We would not find a better one and he is already a good friend of us and we tooked him in our heart. I felt the whole tour like a maharani and we enjoyed every hotel very much only this place in chittorgarh we don’t like so much

Fit Sell :- A great unforgetable journey .We were very happy and love India .Next time we will come we try to get sonu again – be is simple the best much greetings best regards and thanks for everything


09. Excellent servive great driver

by: D,miloradovie from: 20bethune st nyc ,USA view pdf (original)

Trip to agra and back
Trip to jaipur and back
Excellent servive great driver inspite of very heavy traffic and conjested roads .Ganesh was able to take us to both places without problem today for example .Ganesh follow alternative road when transfer just on the highway preventing further travel this saved us problem 3-4 hours ,ganesh is a great value for your company


10. Unforgettable impression and wonderful sights

by: Egloff daneal and falke Beatrice from: hogler sh,ay,8600 dubendorf ,Switzerland view pdf (original)

Dear Vikas

We spend our holidays with unforgettable impression and wonderful sights every city or village that we closed were so exciting .We never saw that kind of architect or buildings before unbelievable ,what all the mojuts and maharajas built .in every hotel haven or palace we were welcome all employees were kind with us .But we saw also all the poor ,this made us sad ,each night in an another place was intresting too All rooms were clean and nice and special furnished authentic as we thought our driver sunil was always kind and helpful he took care of everything ans us a lot about the history of India all the places we visited and cities and gave passing though he warned us from bad people in the villages and cities gave us a lot of tips we spend a great time together we would recommend him every time to all over friends and to other person .he is doing a great job and sunil is a respectful and smart man .thank you so much for this wonderful trip through Rajasthan

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