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81. Good experience

by: Menegvrro Mavririo from: Via del mille 12-10123torino,Italy view pdf (original)

Good driver ,good experience ,helpful

Provide driver with maps of city / cites and reason of tour


82. The driver was very good he took good care of us

by: Maithow Castillo from: Maltese view pdf (original)
The driver was very good he took good care of us . The guides which ever the company gave us for free where good however the guide that was suggested by the company and we paid for it was not good at all

83. Very Good

by: Kok fock seng from: Malaysia view pdf (original)
Very good .The driver Mr. honey and the travel guide recommended in Taj mahal is very good

84. A wonderful ,careful but efficient driver very professional

by: Ken & Laurie blawati from: 1413 Rose hill rd ,Kanloops BC ,Canada view pdf (original)
A wonderful ,careful but efficient driver very professional .A good guide & knowledgeable companion .He is a great guy .We will recommend him to all our contact,friends ,client

85. Excellent

by: Jung ok lee from: l/02 Karnak tower ,omare nite, Sector 49, sohna road,Gurgoan view pdf (original)
He was very excellent driver ,and he never complaint when we refused something. Thanks for him we had really good time if I have a chance to travel want to go with him

86. I want to come again

by: Jose alberto dos santos from: R. Mansuri 174 SI,Brazil view pdf (original)

Gud car comfortable and clean competent and atencious guides yashvinder good person very professional always polite always on duty thanks


87. Very good experience good driver

by: John Aaron from: 2240 Tasso st palo alto , Ca 94301, USA view pdf (original)

A very phasmable tour with a nice car although a radio night make it better who never got lost or got gumpy at all am question


88. It was good

by: Jay dayal from: Fiji view pdf (original)

It was good ,very helpful and courteous driver .Appreciate your service. Thanks you so much


89. very good travel experience

by: Brunn More from:26 Ch Briguet 1209 Geneve Switzerland view pdf (original)

Very very good travel experience with a very friendly driver ..I could recommend your company and the driver.


90. Very efficient pleasant and helpful

by: Ansini Xavier from:Abu dhabe ,British view pdf (original)

It was very good driver Sunil was very efficient pleasant and in the meantime very helpful giving us light advice

  Displaying: 9 of 9 1 2 3 4 5 6789  
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