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71. We would like to use your company again

by: Jan vageskar from: view pdf (original)
Very good driver .Guide in jaipur was also medium good was a bit disinterested. We were not interested in buying carpets /stones .we would like to use your company again

72.Good Tour

by: Tammi flandero from:744 james st cluyton ny 13624,US view pdf (original)
It was ok.The driver and tour guide was very good and courterus .I just wish there was more to see.Nathuwas always willing to stop and get food drinks etc and even offend to go buy them for me because I am a foreigner .The tour guide was very knowledgeable about the area.

73. We had an excellent trip

by: Susan Johnson- roehr from:2203s rockport rd Bloomington in 47402,USA view pdf (original)

We had an excellent trip .We were very impressed with our driver ability.He took very good care of us


74. It was a pleasure

by: Simone blarez from: Sanneneain 68,8700 knernachit / ,Swizerzland view pdf (original)
It was a pleasure to spend two weeks with birbal .We always felt very safe and comfortable. We will recommend his company to very me who travel to Rajasthan

75. The tour was excellent

by: Mrs Sheila Marshall and Shirley chartron from: 5 hemmingfield Risa, Worksop ,Noits,British view pdf (original)

The tour was excellent . sonu was a very good driver and very professional .We will certainly recommend your company to all our family and friends in England thank you

Web – Online enquries very good very pleased with prompt response to my initial enquries.

Perhaps include tax in your quotes in future


76.Wonderful experience

by: Rodney sherrard from: 187 Joo chat place , Singapore , Uk view pdf (original)
Wonderful experience very good driver very interesting places we visit

77.Great Experience

by: Petro alvarez from: 4252 emony, Houston, TX 77005, USA view pdf (original)

Excellent Driver, great experience thanks …


78. We are very satisfied

by: Peter patt from: 2052464 aachen boxgraben 12,German view pdf (original)

We are very satisfied with driver ,car and service .We can recommend the driver for further tours


79. Very Nice

by: Paula & Tom jech from: 634 glenn rd,stale college,PA,U.S.A view pdf (original)

Very nice, good driver, good guide


80. Very good experience

by: Mychael barlow from: 290 altnchan rio , Manchester view pdf (original)

Very good experience overall,good service quick journey time and very helpful would definitely recommend to others

  Displaying: 8 of 9 1 2 3 4 5 6789  
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